Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Agro - The Agro album

Hello. This is the first post for Terror Australis, yet another blog of Aussie music and recordings as if there was not enough. This one has a sppecial focus on TRIPE but also plenty of goodies thaat haven't been posted other wise. It is not my intent to rip anybody off so I only post hard to get deleted work k?

First off is the Agro Album. Agro as most Aussies know is a a kids tv icon puppet who graced our screens through the 80s and 90s in such shows as Wombat, Agro's Cartoon Connection and Super Saturday Show. Voice and minipulation of radio guy Jamie Dunn. He was a pretty rude little bugger for kiddies tv and made his co-hosts job kind of ... challenging
Here's and example from his blooper real

Included here is his first full spin off album plus I threw in a rare 7" of him in duet with wombat co host Fiona McDonald (jackie's sister)