Sunday, December 27, 2009

Frank Bennett - Better Man (single)

A big band touch to the Pearl Jam classic by Australia's own Frank Bennett, a hybrid of the tlenets of Frank sinatra and Tony Bennett who released a couple of magical album adding his own interpretation to contemporary classics in the 90s

tracks: better man, you're just too hip baby, five o'clock shadow


Saturday, December 19, 2009

John Vincent - owyagowin' (1973)

a Aussie rock and bush folk lp at it's most ockerish and silly by popular Adelaide dj John Vincent

Tracks: owyagowin, take me back to innaminka, rubb dubb doobie, madge's charity badges, choko brandy, rubbish, you show me yours, owyagowin santa claus (just in time for christmas :), put it in a bin, don't be sorry on account of me, beryl part 1, beryl part 2, You Beauty


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Abigail - Abigail

A rare treasure here. The full album by australia's blonde bombshell of film and tv Abigail Rogan.
Includes here the hit version of serge gainsbour and jane birkin's hit je t'aime, covers of sugar me, an occasional man and many other gorgeous sexy trashy tunes.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Freaked Out Flower Children - Spill the wine (12" extended)

A cover of the eric burdon number by a band that featured then cartoon host (some say a cartoon herself) Sophie Lee

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bruce Menzies reading the Little Fir Tree and Jack and The Beanstalk

We all find kids records in one read by an aussie!


Sunday, November 29, 2009


The future host of young talent time was a pretty good popster in his time, have a listen to this. Good versions of You better run, Tell him (tell her), Step Back and his chart topper cara lyn


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Norman and effie - Amigos para sempre

A duet between Norman Gunston aka gary macdonald and Effie aka mar coustas (hhow's that for personalit crises..
It is a remake of the song made famous by jose carerre and sarah brightman fro the olympics of 92.
It is silly. The 2 song is a send up of Erotica from Madonna


Friday, November 27, 2009

Chelsea Brown - On the Rocks

A rather enjoyable collection of songs by an American lady who made her fame on Aussie tellie in the soapie number 96, followed by appearances in such show as Blanketty Blanks


This rip was a bit scratchy...i will re-do

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Audio Murphy featuring Slim Dusty - Fiddler man (single)

Audio Murphy where a techno / country project from the mid 90s. This is a fun single that was the follow up to AM's Tighten up your pants, featuring vocal by country music all time legend Slim Dusty


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fester Fanatics - The Great Aussie Demo

This is real aussie rock blues rock pub rock played loud and angry not the poxy designer rock you get nowadays by bands with cute hipster sounding one word names. Fuck that shit
Alfie and his chums deliver


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Koalas - We Don't Want to Grow Up

The trend of the early 70s related or pretend family kid groups like the osmands, the jackson 5, the partridge family and so on found it's way to Australia in the form of groups of unrelated precocious preteens and teenagers singing annoying show tunes and hits of the day such as the TV show Young Talent Time. There where a host of b-teams some of which where fairly good which toured the length and bredth of Australia's shopping centres armed with a song in their hearts and a uniform of bad hair tunics and kinky boots. The koalas where on of them
Actually a niceish album for what it is. A ok version of chirpy chirpy cheep cheep and some hits from the hans christian anderson music amongst it


Monday, November 2, 2009

Serious Young Insects - Be Patient 7"

Single from the album "Housebreaking" for early 80s new wave act Serious Young Insects, which featured later Boom Crash Opera's Richard Pleasance and Peter Farnan.
The A-side is whistful fey new romticish teen pop while the b is a nice industrial sounding post punk instrumental


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chullora Junction - 3801 / Zig Zag Railway. 1987

One for you train spotters. A folkie pop group calling themselves "Chullora Junction" performing tributes to the mighty 3801 and the Zig Zag railway on this one of 7" released on AMO Records. Chullora Junction was Ron Russell and Ray King (the two blokes on the train with beards), with some help from Tracey russell and Andrew Hierons


Friday, October 23, 2009

My Three Sons - Wages of Sin 1988

Australia made several significant contributions to the world of that most tacky of 80s iconic sounds synthpop with names like Icehouse, Real Life, Pseudo Echo, Spk, Kids in the kitchen and many many others. Sadly by the time My Three Sons (Five of them) brought out this record it SP was deader than the Dynamo Man. This album sank without a trace
It's not bad as the genre goes, can be heard the influence of affore mentioned pseudo E as well as oh perhaps The Expression, China Crises, Heaven 17 the like

1 walk away
2 wages of sin
3 dancathon of life
4 milky way
5 swing right
6 don't talk of love
7 the international language of love
8 misplaced
9 warsaw
10 Too soft for this country


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Toronto Infants School - Education Week 1960

to comemorate the Education week in 1960, a custom made single from a bunch of little kids who are now approaching retirement age. This I believe is Toronto on the Central Coast of NSW and not the great city from Canada :)
Some cute singing of traditional kids songs., and a brief glimpse into the past


Friday, October 16, 2009

The Crackajacks - Can't Do Without You 7"

single From the album Rockabilly Ricochet! released in 1981 on Missing Link label for Melbourne's Crackajacks, part of the popular aussie Rockabilly scen from the early 80s

A Can't Do Without You
B Go Cat Go

The album has been re-issued on cd on the Missing link label


Tony Pantano - s/t

Tony Pantano, immigrated to Australia with his family at age 8 and carved a career for himself in the cabaret circuit which has lasted decades both here and in Italy with his stylish crooning.

This lp from 1975 features him in fine voice big hairy chested medallion man style ala Tony christie. Some well known 60s 70s tunes. My fav is the Dawn medley :)

1 this job gets me down
2 Dawn medley (knock three times, candida, tie a yellow ribbon. sweet gypsy rose)
3 la malaguena
4 eyes of a child
5 speak softly love (theme from the godfather)
6 ghost riders in the sky / rawhide
7 angeletti negri
8 let's be gald
9 only you
10 i'll never fall in love again
11 little egypt
12 love is a many splendoured thing


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jason Martin - Take Us To The Top

Jason was a professional rugby league active throough the 1990s with North Sydney Bears, where hes was Daly M rookie of the year in 1990, and later Newcastle and The North Queensland Cowboys during their inaugural year.

The Bears where perrennial "wooden spooners" or near abouts to for decades and had not won a first grade premiership since the 20s until enjoying a resurgence in the late 80s to mid 90s thanks to the boasting talent like Billy Moore, David Farleigh, Mario Fenech, Greg Florimo, Gary Larsen and goal kicking wiz Jason Taylor. Jason Martin was part of this formidible club when they went within a wisker of making the grand final in 1991. Jason in a Capperesque moment released this one off single for Molly's annoying Melodian label. To be fair unlike Capper, this tune and the b-side "quench the fire" resemble music.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Ward 13 - Flash as a Rat

One of the less annoying from the far too many mediocre new wavish power pop bands from aus in the early 80s. Sydney's Ward 13. Their only full album was this 1981 lp which included the single "See Venice and Die" (performed here on Countdown)

1. Star system Five
2. See Venice and Die
3. Try to Please Me
4. News For You
5. Electric Fetective
6. Intermission
7. Time We Live
8. Cold Hearted Lover
9. Something's Missing
10. Idle Chatter
11. Nervous Lover's Breakdown
12. I Gotta Getta


Monday, October 5, 2009

Zoo - Keep it up 7"

Single from the album Cowboys and Engines for kiwi band Zoo previously know as pop mechanix. A catchy bouncy slightly ska touched indie pop sound like about a thousand band in 1982 :) The b-side is very danceable fun

A Keep it Up
B Shah Yafir


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lucky Grills - Buck's Night Party

Leo "Lucky" Grills was an Aussie actor and comedian who found fame on Television in the 70s cop show Bluey, clips of which where borrowed by the 90s tonight show hosted by the D-Generation people "The Late Show" and redubbed with their voices adding many off colour toilet humour jokes and renaming it "Bargearse"
here's a sample

This tape features one of his recordings of standup made by the sound of it in the early 80s before a "prerecorded" audience. The jokes are cringingly off colour sexist racist and older than him in a delivery like a cross between kevin bloody wilson's dad and Bernard Manning


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Danielle Foot - Underneath The Radar (cd single)

Danielle Foot was a contestant on that glorified peep show Big Brother a few years ago. I cann't tell you much more about it but sh'es from Adelaide and doesn't look revolting surprise surpise.
She got to do this one off single a cover of the 80s hit for Underworld...before disappearing back to nobodyville


Friday, September 25, 2009

Mother goose - stuffed

Classic 1977 release from art rock kiwi eccentrics (that aren't split enz). Includes their wonderous ode to the fart packed tasty snack baked beans

1. moonshine lady
2. Somebody broke my heart
3. lust of the fools
4 (one day you'll be sorry) Anne-marie
5. land ho!
6. See if i care
7. only you
8. only a phoneall away
9. baked beans


Monday, September 21, 2009

Regular Records Hits That Missed 1979-89

A nice collection of obscure singles put out by regular. Several gems

1Deckchairs Overboard - Fight For Love

2The Riptides - Hearts and Flowers

3Ten Wedge - Me and Mrs Jones

4Tiny Tim - Highway to Hell

5Scribble - Silly Girl

6SPK - Breathless

7Pardon Me Boys - Beat Me Daddy

8Dennis Wilson - Bobby and the Space Invaders

9Milky Bar Kids - Flaming Star

10Johnny Goodman - By the Mill

11The Forearm Jolt - Over the Ropes

12Cattletruck - Change


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Girfriend - Take it From Me (digi single)

One of a plethora of 90s girl groups, one of the more significant from Australia, they had a year or two's success based on airy (airhead) teen pop). A few years later one of them was ona current affair working in a shoe store. Only Robyn Loau's music career survived


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Agro - The Agro album

Hello. This is the first post for Terror Australis, yet another blog of Aussie music and recordings as if there was not enough. This one has a sppecial focus on TRIPE but also plenty of goodies thaat haven't been posted other wise. It is not my intent to rip anybody off so I only post hard to get deleted work k?

First off is the Agro Album. Agro as most Aussies know is a a kids tv icon puppet who graced our screens through the 80s and 90s in such shows as Wombat, Agro's Cartoon Connection and Super Saturday Show. Voice and minipulation of radio guy Jamie Dunn. He was a pretty rude little bugger for kiddies tv and made his co-hosts job kind of ... challenging
Here's and example from his blooper real

Included here is his first full spin off album plus I threw in a rare 7" of him in duet with wombat co host Fiona McDonald (jackie's sister)