Friday, October 23, 2009

My Three Sons - Wages of Sin 1988

Australia made several significant contributions to the world of that most tacky of 80s iconic sounds synthpop with names like Icehouse, Real Life, Pseudo Echo, Spk, Kids in the kitchen and many many others. Sadly by the time My Three Sons (Five of them) brought out this record it SP was deader than the Dynamo Man. This album sank without a trace
It's not bad as the genre goes, can be heard the influence of affore mentioned pseudo E as well as oh perhaps The Expression, China Crises, Heaven 17 the like

1 walk away
2 wages of sin
3 dancathon of life
4 milky way
5 swing right
6 don't talk of love
7 the international language of love
8 misplaced
9 warsaw
10 Too soft for this country